The Yellow Zone is an area in Haydee, which requires use of the Respirator to avoid death by its flood of poisonous gas.


This area has several unique distinctions, the most noticeable being the presence of poisonous gas completely flooding the entire complex; the Respirator must be retrieved from the Red Zone as otherwise Haydee will take continuous, lethal damage over time.

The Yellow Zone is also notable for the lack of visibility brought on by their green fog, as well as the Night Visor being unavailable due to the need to be wearing the Respirator constantly. Additionally, the Yellow Zone runs on an extremely limiting floor/power system which dictates what rooms can be accessed; toggled via a the Power Control Room on Floor 5, numbered doors will only unlock if their respective Power is activated - however, Powers 1 or 6, 2 or 5 and 3 or 4 cannot be activated simultaneously and instead Haydee can only toggle between either of them.

As well as this, the Yellow Zone restricts Haydee's inventory as a dual-gate system bars access to the Floor Access Shaft, by refusing to unlock if she has any weapon (Bar Proximity Mines) in her possession; instead Haydee must use a transfer window on Floor 4 to smuggle them across.

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  • The cake visible on the opposite side of the Remote Device is unobtainable.
  • The poisonous gas does 10 damage every second, giving Haydee a maximum of 10 before dying.

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