The Walker is one of the two hostile enemies in Haydee. They are found in every location in the game.

Overview Edit

The Walker is a slow but powerful enemy.

A Walker will slowly approach the player and try to hit them. They can be dodged easily by just running past/away from them to conserve ammo, though they can still present a problem if one corners you; the high damage dealt by them can kill Haydee in a single hit when playing Hardcore mode without an Armored Vest.

Walkers are known for their toughness, and cannot be killed without at least two bullets from any weapon; headshots are a must, as the Walker can survive up to 8 Sub-Machine Gun shots to the body. However, thanks to the extremely slow movement speed, headshots are extremely easy to set up.

Walkers can alternatively be ignored completely, depending on the circumstances; even when walking, Haydee will always be able to outpace a Walker - and when sprinting, the enemies are almost completely non-threatening. This saves precious ammunition, but can be incredibly risky to perform; Walkers may be slow, but they can deal extremely high damage if Haydee ignores their presence completely, and groups of them - particularly in narrow corridors and other confined spaces - can easily kill Haydee in seconds.

Walkers are most deadly as part of an ambush to act as shields for the Slashers - even a large group of Walkers is easy to take down due to their difficulty chasing Haydee. For this reason, it is important to leave Walkers until last during an attack, as otherwise it is easy to deplete a magazine or even run out of ammo completely when killing them - leaving Haydee open to any retaliatory attacks from other Walkers, or most likely Slashers.

Note that unlike Slashers, the Walker is impossible to stagger, even with a Magnum Pistol headshot or Proximity Mine explosion.

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