The Sub-Machine Gun is a fast-firing automatic weapon, found midway through the game in the Red Zone.

Overview Edit

The Sub-Machine Gun has a black frame and a white receiver. It deals 25 damage and has an ammo capacity of 30 SMG Rounds.

The Sub-Machine Gun is an ideal weapon for exploring new areas, thanks to its high ammo capacity and fire-rate which can get Haydee out of almost any situation; from taking out large ambushes without the need to reload or just conserving inventory space with the Sub-Machine Gun's ability to store 90 Rounds in only two slots, making it especially valuable in the Yellow Zone. Despite dealing the lowest damage out of all weapons Haydee has in her arsenal, the Sub-Machine Gun is very versatile, with its only major drawbacks being the rarity of its ammunition and high recoil per shot - so burst firing is a necessity for efficient use.

Location Edit

The Sub-Machine Gun can be found through an easily overlooked passageway underneath the elevator connecting the Red Zone to the White Zone. To access it, a Remote Device must be placed on the inner elevator control button and activated while Haydee is not standing on the elevator floor. This will reveal the elevator shaft, and allow one to drop off the ledge and grab onto the opening into the passageway. The Sub-Machine Gun will be found in the hands of a dead Haydee body, and a door can be opened to allow access back to the Red Zone. In order to recollect the Remote Device for future use, Haydee must use the elevator from the White Zone to transport it back up and eliminate the possibility of falling down the shaft.


The Elevator that Haydee must lower to access the Sub-Machine Gun. The Remote Device has already been placed.


The Elevator shaft and passageway.


The Sub-Machine Gun in the hands of a dead Haydee.

Trivia Edit

  • The Sub-Machine Gun is referred to as the 'OCA Submachine Gun' in the game's System.pack file.

Gallery Edit


The Sub-Machine Gun as held by Haydee.


The Sub-Machine Gun as seen in Haydee.

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