The Red Zone is an area explored midway through Haydee.

Overview[edit | edit source]

This area is similar to the Green Zone in nature, albeit a step-up in difficulty. The main focus of the area is exploration and combat, with almost all of the deeper complex being either difficult to locate or guarded by many enemies.

Most items are hidden rather than locked behind puzzles, and ambushes are very frequent and deadly. The Red Zone also contains several darker zones, similar to the connected Black Zone. However, these are generally not pitch black and can usually be successfully navigated without the use of the Night Visor, with the notable exception of a maze-like tunnel system allowing access to a Red Keycard.

Notable Items[edit | edit source]

Keycards[edit | edit source]

Found:[edit | edit source]

  • Yellow Keycard x 1 (Used in Red Zone)
  • Red Keycard x 2 (Used in Red Zone)
  • Blue Keycard x 1 (Used in Blue Zone)

Used:[edit | edit source]

  • Yellow Keycard x 1 (Found in Red Zone)
  • Red Keycard x 4 (Found in Red and Black Zones)

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