The Proximity Mine is a weapon in Haydee, that detonates to eliminate threats that trigger it. They can be found in every location throughout the game but are notably rare.

Overview Edit

The Proximity Mine will detonate whenever Haydee, a Slasher or Walker comes into its detection radius. They can also be triggered over long distances by being directly hit with a bullet.

Proximity Mines are equipped with a light-display that signifies their current status:

  • A green light represents a deactivated mine, which will not detonate when walked over and can be picked up for later use.
  • An amber light represents an arming mine, which will not detonate when walked over and can be reclaimed without the use of the Pliers, but will turn into a live mine very shortly after being placed.
  • A red light represents a live mine, which detonates as soon as a threat enters its detection radius and cannot be picked up without defusal.

Proximity Mines are generally difficult to use without prior knowledge of the layout of enemies in an area; the mines are one use, have a small detection radius, and can be triggered by whoever places them if they're careless enough. However, once mastered, mines are extremely useful due to their lethality against the aforementioned targets. A few mines can make short work of an ambush, and a single one can even be used to damage multiple enemies at once with proper placement. The blast radius of mines is also considerably larger than the detection radius; however damage drops off quickly and is not guaranteed to kill targets more than a few feet away. However the complete destruction of several enemies with a single mine is very possible, especially against Slashers, and allows Haydee to detonate mines manually with her other weapons to deal at least some damage even if an enemy avoids the detection.

However, Haydee will encounter mines throughout the game not placed by her; these are generally difficult to spot or eliminate safely, and generally block off access to important areas of the game. Haydee's two choices with these are to either destroy the mines from safe distance with firearms, or defusing them with the Pliers. Defusing a mine will return it to its deactivated state, where it can be picked up for later use. Note that the range for defusing is only slightly larger than the mine's detection radius, making this a risky but rewarding task.

Trivia Edit

  • Proximity Mines are still freely mobile after placement and even activation; Haydee can deploy mines on ledges or toggle-able geometry for them to fall down, allowing her to drop mines onto enemies below.

Gallery Edit


The Proximity Mine, activated (Left) and deactivated (Right), as seen in Haydee.

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