The Power Node is a utility item in Haydee used to power a specific area. A total of three can be found, though only two are needed, each in a different location in the game.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Power Nodes are used exclusively in the Black Zone, although two are found elsewhere.

Once inserted into a socket, a Power Node will supply its corresponding area with Power; turning on lights, opening doors and enabling buttons. Multiple sockets can be powered at once, though this will require an equal amount of Nodes - Haydee will frequently be required to switch around the placement of Nodes in order to progress, as many key routes throughout the Black Zone require a source of power to be navigated.

Notably, the Elevator in the Black Zone requires two Nodes to function; one for the Floor calling it, and another for the Elevator itself. Once each socket is powered, a button beside the Floor's entrance to the shaft can be activated in order to bring the Elevator up to it.

Note that the third Power Node, located in the Blue Zone, is functionally redundant as only two Nodes are required to complete the entirety of the Black Zone - which should be done before progressing the Blue Zone regardless.

Locations[edit | edit source]

Three Nodes can be found through Haydee. The Red, Black and Blue Zone all have one Node each.

The Node found in the Red Zone is located in a narrow corridor, at the far end of a long passageway in the Zone's semi-dark area. Although not required, use of the Night Visor is recommended when retrieving the Node, as Haydee will be plunged into darkness as soon as she disconnects it from the socket; making retaliation against an ambushing Walker difficult.

The corridor containing the Node in the Red Zone.

The Node found in the Black Zone is located in the Control Room on Floor C, idly powering the Stairwell's lights. As the Night Visor can be used to provide visibility in this area, the Node can be taken and reconnected to a different socket without consequence.

The Black Zone's Control Room, with a Power Node connected to the Stairwell.

The Node found in the Blue Zone is hidden in a small alcove, behind a bush in the second save room.

The alcove containing the Node in the Blue Zone. Light added for visibility.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

The Power Node as seen in Haydee.

The bush the alcove is hidden behind in the Blue Zone. Light added for visibility.

A socket as seen in Haydee.

A socket containing a Node as seen in Haydee.

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