The pistol is the first weapon you can obtain in Haydee. It is found in the White Zone.

Overview Edit

The Pistol has a black frame and white slide. It deals 30 damage and has an ammo capacity of 12 Pistol Rounds.

The Pistol is best suited for the early sections of the game and conserving ammo for the Magnum and Sub-Machine Gun in the later ones. It's relatively low damage and semi-automatic firing may limit its potential in certain situations - particularly against multiple enemies - but the Pistol, thanks to its low recoil and abundant ammunition, is still a capable weapon in the right hands that can see Haydee throughout the entire game. However, headshots are particularly important with the Pistol; although it does have comparatively abundant ammunition, it will still take Haydee an entire 7 shots to kill a Walker just by targeting the body. The perfect accuracy and quick recoil recovery allow Haydee to fire multiple well-aimed shots at targets to take them down considerably more efficiently, in some cases tripling the amount of enemies that can be taken down with the Pistol's 12 round clip.


The pistol can be found in a container in the White Zone, in the same room as the first enemy in the game. The crate can be found in a narrow antechamber, beside which is a closed room containing a Walker, dead Haydee and a vent.

Note that the Pistol does not come with Ammo, which instead must be picked up through a series of platforming through a vent in the room adjacent. A button, accessed through another vent at the bottom of the pit containing the second keycard, must first be activated to unlock the door to the platforms. From here Haydee must carefully make her way down to the last one, where a stack of 12 Pistol Rounds is found; providing Haydee with only a single magazine.


The crate containing the pistol.


  • The Pistol is referred to as a 'Colt 1911' in the game's 'System.pack' file.

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The Pistol as held by Haydee.


The Pistol as seen in Haydee.

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