The Night Visor is an equipable item in Haydee used to enhance visibility in dark areas. It is found in the midway through the game in the Green Zone.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The Night Visor is necessary for proper navigation through the many dark areas in Haydee. It automatically activates itself when equipped.

The Night Visor is mostly needed in the late stages of the game, particularly the Black Zone, where little or not light is available. Although it can be possible to get through these areas without visibility, it is very difficult and generally not worth the risk of running into enemies or falling off ledges without warning. However, it is still important to be careful in these areas even with the Night Visor, as the range of visibility is still fairly low distance and low quality.

Unlike the Armored Vest and Respirator, the Night Visor has a counterproductive effect when worn in certain environments; the light-enhancing effect extends to bright areas as well, which can potentially limit visibility due to the lack of contrast or grainy filter applied when using them.

Location[edit | edit source]

The Night Visor is located deep within the Green Area at the top of a small room. To access the room, a small maze must be completed by eliminating a few Slashers/Walkers to activate a button before exiting through a vent system, the other side of which is unlocked by the quad-dot puzzle in the room below. This will allow Haydee access to the Yellow Zone, but instead she must open the door behind her to return back to the maze area. After pressing another button and fighting off an ambushing Slasher, Haydee will have access to the Night Visor's room itself, where it will be found behind a gate at the top. Once picked up, the lights will immediately turn off and Haydee must use it to escape the room in otherwise total darkness before proceeding back to the core Green Zone.

Note that Haydee must have completed the quad-dot puzzle in the Green Zone before initially pressing the button, as otherwise the exit vent will be locked and prevent her from leaving. Toggling the button again will unlock the entrance, allowing her to complete the puzzle before continuing through the vent.

The Gauntlet that must be cleared to allow access to the Yellow Zone and Night Visor

The Night Visor's room. The Visor itself can be seen at the top behind a gate.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

The Night Visor as worn by Haydee.

The Night Visor as seen in Haydee.

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