The Medkit is an item used to restore Haydee's health. They are found in every location in the game, although usually hidden as rewards for finding secret areas or completing puzzles.

Overview Edit

The Medkit is needed for long-term survival in Haydee. It can heal Haydee by 100% or 50% health on Softcore or Hardcore respectively.

Medkits are scattered around every location in Haydee, but are generally sparse in occurrence and are most often found in secret areas or on dead Haydee bodies. It is good practice to save Medkits until critically injured or entering a potentially dangerous area, as Haydee can only carry 3 in a stack and will use the entirety of a Medkit when prompted.

Trivia Edit

  • Like Ammo boxes, the textures for Medkits contain filler text and humorous details.
    • The Medkit has the label 'Federal Drugs Inc' and 'Leaves Pain // Removes Harm'. Some poetry is visible, 'Take this Kiss upon the Brow! // And, in parting from You Now, // Thus much let me Avow-- // You are not Wrong, who deem that My Days have been a Dream;'. The warning and instructions 'Do not use // In case of 404 // Apply pressure to you Eyes until Pleasure' are also present.

Gallery Edit


Top-down view of the Medkit in Haydee.

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