The Magnum Pistol is an upgraded version of the default Pistol, found midway through the game in the Green Zone.

Overview Edit

The Magnum Pistol has a black frame and a small, white slide. It deals 70 damage and has an ammo capacity of 7 Magnum Rounds.

The Magnum Pistol is an excellent weapon for precisely and efficiently dispatching Slashers. It's high damage allows it to stagger them if a shot hits any part of their body, and a headshot will kill a Slasher instantly. However, ammo for the Magnum is premium at 10 rounds per box found and a full stack is only worth 20; forcing the user to either fill their inventory space with large amounts of ammo when exploring, or risk running out of it at a crucial time to be able to pick up more important items.

Location Edit

The Magnum can be found in a locked crate deep in the Green Zone, behind a locked door opened by a yellow key card. The card can be looted off a dead Haydee, though the Magnum will be behind several doors and enemies as opposed to immediately across from it as with most yellow cards.


The room containing the Yellow keycard needed to access the Magnum. The Haydee body can be seen on the right.


The room containing the Magnum itself. The locked door can be seen on the right.

Gallery Edit


The Magnum Pistol as held by Haydee.


The Magnum Pistol as seen in Haydee.

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