White:[edit | edit source]

A total of three White Keycards are available in Haydee, although only two are required to pass the White Zone. The first White Keycard is found in a small room, containing nothing but a vent and a reader; however, Haydee should ignore both and return to the room holding the Armored Vest. Using the card here will allow Haydee to retrieve both the Vest and the second White Keycard.

The third White Keycard is found at the bottom of the elevator shaft connecting the White Zone to the Red Zone. It can be retrieved from its crate and used to progress to the next room, or to retrieve the Vest if not done so already.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

The room containing the first White Keycard in Haydee.

The room containing the third White Keycard in Haydee.

The room containing the second White Keycard and Armored Vest in Haydee.

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