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A total of four Red Keycards can be found spread across the Black and Red Zone. One is found in a small structure opposite a large gap, proceeded by a count-based button puzzle. Two buttons on the structure itself must be activated, one of which is guarded by a Proximity Mine. Once Haydee exits the room, several Slashers will ambush her.

A second Red Keycard is found behind a locked door, after a T-Junction populated by two Walkers. To unlock the door, Haydee must navigate a dark maze in a ventilation system and place a Remote Device on a button at the end of it. Activating the Remote Control once back on the locked door's side will open it and allow Haydee to retrieve the card after destroying a waiting Slasher.

A third Red Keycard is found on Floor C's interior in the Black Zone. A Remote Device must first be placed in the power room opposite, accessed earlier in the complex. This will allow Haydee to unlock the door to the card; however, stepping too far into the room will release four Walkers, easily killing her in the confined space. A button in one of the Walker's cages will deactivate the detection system, to allow her to exit it once dealing with the attackers.

A fourth Red Keycard is found on the Black Zone Ground Floor. After destroying four Slashers and solving a button puzzle, Haydee can drop down to a room filled with many Haydee corpses, apparently being cremated, and a single Walker. The Red Keycard is found on one of the bodies, along with a Yellow Keycard needed to escape the room.

All Red Keycards are used in the Red Zone themselves, to unlock small cage accessed by a platforming section utilising toggleable platforms. Inside the cage is a Blue Keycard, which will cause two Slashers to ambush Haydee immediately after being retrieved. Haydee is then forced to travel a longer route to return to the main Red Zone, facing many enemies along the way.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

The room containing the first Red Keycard in Haydee.

The room containing the second Red Keycard in Haydee.

The room containing the third Red Keycard in Haydee.

The room containing the fourth Red Keycard in Haydee.

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