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A total of three Green Keycards can be found throughout Haydee; one in the Green Zone and another two in the Yellow Zone. The card in the Green Zone is located through the central door in a C-Shaped corridor; the card is guarded by two Slashers and a locked door. After clearing the room, Haydee can activate a button to open a vent near the entrance. Navigating through a small series of vents and pipes will bring her to the card from the side, allowing her to retrieve it. After doing so and exiting the card's storage space, a third Slasher will ambush Haydee as she attempts to leave.

A second Green Keycard is found on Floor 6 of the Yellow Zone, guarded by a large team of Slashers and Walkers; Haydee will have to retrieve her weapons from Floor 4 as Proximity Mines and evasion alone is not sufficient to retrieve the card. Two Slashers will ambush Haydee after she unlocks the entrance to the card's room, and a third as she attempts to leave; guarding the room from the inside are two pairs of a Slasher and a Walker each, while another of the former drops down to attack Haydee from the ceiling the moment she picks the card up.

A third Green Keycard is found on the opposite side of the Trap Pit, in front of a deactivated Walker unit. Accessing this side requires Haydee to plant a Remote Device on the button outside, so that it can be activated from a safe distance. This opens up a door behind the Walker, lead to by a jumping puzzle through Floor 3. A button in the room also re-enables the floor above the Pit, allowing the Remote Device to be retrieved.

Each Green Keycard is used within the Green Zone themselves, although each Keycard Reader is placed some distance away from eachother. One is located off the side of the walkway leading to the Yellow Zone, through a vent in the wall. Another is through a corridor at the bottom of a dark stairwell, accessed via another ventilation system at the very top of the same room containing the first Yellow Keycard. The final reader is located in the second four-button room, and leads to the Blue Keycard itself.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

The room containing the first Green Keycard in Haydee.

The room containing the second Green Keycard in Haydee.

The room containing the third Green Keycard in Haydee.

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