Blue:[edit | edit source]

Only two Blue Keycards can be found in Haydee; they are vital to accessing the entirety of the Blue Zone and the Orange Keycard, thus naturally being incredibly difficult to obtain.

The first of these is located in the Green Zone, down a narrow shaft accessed through the lower floor of the second four-button puzzle room; a reader on the upper floor must be activated using a Green Keycard to unblock the shaft first. After completing a unique tile-rotation puzzle, Haydee will be able to enter the Blue Keycard's storage room; however, a set of two gates will prevent her from reaching it without activating a further two green readers. One is located off the side of the walkway leading to the Yellow Zone, through a vent in the wall. Another is through a corridor at the bottom of a dark stairwell, accessed via another ventilation system at the very top of the same room containing the first Yellow Keycard.

The second Blue Keycard is found within the Red Zone, in a small cage accessed by a platforming section utilising toggleable platforms. After using a total of four Red Keycards to unlock it, Haydee can retrieve the Blue Keycard, though this will cause two Slashers to ambush Haydee immediately afterwards.

Each Blue Keycard is used within the Blue Zone; one immediately after completing the first water puzzle, granting access to the inner section of the area. The second is used at the top of a tall climbing section, leading to the Orange Key.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

The cage containing the first Blue Keycard in Haydee.

The room containing the second Blue Keycard in Haydee.

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