Keycards are utility items in Haydee, used to unlock their corresponding doors.

Overview Edit

Keycards are one-use items that open a specific door in Haydee; enforced via a colour-coding system and assisted by intelligent level design.

Throughout the Facility, Haydee will often be faced with coloured locked doors, preventing her from accessing important areas and items. In these cases, it is still wise to search the immediate surroundings for a keycard; however, it is most likely that Haydee will have to explore a new location before being able to return and unlock the door.

The Keycards found in Haydee include each colour of the visible spectrum, although multiple cards in Haydee use the same colour - often resulting in a single area requiring several copies of identical keycards.

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The Keycards in Haydee.


A White Keycard Reader in Haydee.

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Consumables AmmoDisketteMedkit
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Keycards RedOrangeYellowGreenBluePurpleWhitePink
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