Health is a fairly simple mechanic that remains consistent throughout the entire game. Each character (including Haydee) has a specific amount of health based on who/what they are.

Haydee Edit

Haydee herself has 100 health, or 150 when wearing the Armoured Vest, on Hardcore mode. Softcore mode will halve the damage that Haydee takes from enemies, but not falling damage or mines.

Haydee can heal herself using Medkits, though the amount of health regained per use varies depending on the game difficulty; 100% on Softcore, or 50% on Hardcore.

Haydee's health can be seen on the back of her head at any time, in the form of a circular clock; as her health decreases, the bars will fade and disappear one after the other.

Enemies Edit

Each enemy, the Walker and Slasher, has a different health and damage value. Headshots will do double damage, but otherwise locational damage does not apply and a shot to the chest is equal to a shot to the leg.

Slashers Edit

100 health (deals 70 damage per hit to Haydee). Staggered when hit for 50 damage or over.

Walkers Edit

200 health (deals 110 damage per hit to Haydee). Cannot be staggered.

Trivia Edit

  • On the Greenlight demo, health didn't display on the back of her head, instead the screen borders got red the lower the health was, simulating blood, but was removed, probably to improve immersion.
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