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Welcome to the not-necessarily-official Community Fandom Wikia for the 2016 Metroidvania game Haydee! Here you can find detailed information for the game and some gameplay tips too! Also, everybody can view and/or edit most of the pages without major persecution.



Haydee is a Metroidvania third-person-shooter developed by Haydee Interactive. After being greenlit, it was released on Steam for 15 dollars on September 26, 2016. It can be bought here.

Starring the titular Haydee, a cybernetically modified/manufactured human female, the game revolves around her making her way through a large but isolating facility by solving puzzles, exploring the environment for resources and defending against any hostile enemies in her way. Haydee has several options available to her as to how exactly she accomplishes these, including deduction/brute force against puzzles, preplanned/blind exploration or evasion/destruction of enemies. Haydee can attempt to escape the facility altogether, or stay to find out its true nature; but swarms of robots roam the hallways she must navigate, their only objective to kill Haydee on sight.

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