The Green Zone is an area explored in the earlier stages of Haydee.

Overview Edit

The Green Zone serves as the field test for Haydee, being comparatively easy and having a multitude of puzzles, enemies and secrets to find as part of their first true experience of the game.

However, the Green Zone is still difficult and calls on knowledge of the game learnt from the tutorial; most deaths are caused by negligence or unawareness, forcing Haydee to act smarter and carefuller in preparation for the later stages of the game. Most of the area is built upon platforming and directly changing the environment using various buttons and switches; enemies are generally reserved as puzzle elements, usually being clearly visible before attacking and allowing Haydee ample time to intelligently react to their presence.

Notable Items Edit

Keycards Edit

Found: Edit

  • Yellow Keycard x 1 (Used in Green Zone)
  • Green Keycard x 1 (Used in Green Zone)
  • Blue Keycard x 1 (Used in Blue Zone)

Used: Edit

  • Yellow Keycard x 1 (Found in Green Zone)
  • Green Keycard x 3 (Found in Yellow and Green Zone)

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