In Haydee, there are two Difficulty options to choose from, each vastly changing how the game plays and how Haydee must act to survive it.

Overview Edit

The two Difficulties available are the appropriately named Softcore and Hardcore modes. Respectively, they function as Haydee's Easy and Hard modes; although due to the already challenging nature of the game, each functions more accurately as Hard and Very Hard.

Almost all of the game's mechanics are modified by the Difficulty chosen; enemy damage, medkit efficiency, availability of items and even inventory space are all affected.

List of differences Edit

Mechanic Softcore Hardcore
Health Haydee takes half as much damage from enemies and medkits restore her to full health Haydee takes full damage from enemies and medkits only restore half of her max health
Ammunition Ammo boxes give a decent amount of bullets, which may become plentiful late in the game. Ammo boxes give half as many bullets, Haydee must conserve them wisely.
Inventory Haydee has access to 12 inventory slots. Haydee has access to only 9 inventory slots.
Combat All weapons have 50% less recoil and 50% less kick, Haydee's aim does not sway All weapons have full recoil and kick, Haydee's aim has considerable idle sway
Note: Recoil is the temporary visual disturbance of Haydee's view after firing, whereas kick is the permanent physical disturbance of the crosshair once the recoil wears off and the view recenters Edit
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