The Crowbar is a utility item in Haydee used to unlock certain crates found within the game. It is found midway through the game in the Black Zone.

Overview Edit

The Crowbar is needed to open the various locked crates scattered around the game.

Although a non-essential item, the crowbar is a very useful tool to pickup, as locked crates are known to contain very useful items like Ammo and Medkits. It is worth noting that the Magnum Pistol is found inside of a locked crate, making it necessary to obtain the crowbar before attempting to get the Magnum.

Location Edit

The Crowbar is found on the Black Zone's ground floor, in the room directly ahead of its entrance. It will be found on a dead Haydee body, with her killer standing unaware in front of her and the door against its back. The floor does not need to be powered in order to obtain this item, and instead Haydee is free collect the crowbar very early into the game without any extensive preparation.


The Haydee body that the Crowbar is found on.

Gallery Edit


The Crowbar as seen in Haydee.


A locked Crate.

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