The Blue Zone is the last stage of the game, filled with water and vegetation in contrast to the rest of Haydee.

Overview Edit

This area contains water and many enemies. It is only fully accessible after retrieving the two blue keys from the Green and Red Zones, which themselves require the three Green and four Red keys; the rooms themselves make extensive use of Remote Devices, and contain the Orange key necessary to achieve Haydee's endings.

As such, it is not advised (And mostly impossible) to attempt the Blue Zone until the last stages of the game after retrieving high-tier equipment, due to the high difficulty and common stashes of SMG/Magnum ammo that make the basic Pistol inefficient. Almost all supplies are hidden and difficult to find, making it important to carry your own rather than relying on scavenging for more - being part of the late game, the Blue Zone very noticeably shifts towards difficult platforming, puzzles and combat as Haydee is expected to be prepared as soon as she enters the area, making most items found either top-ups or rare emergency supplies.

After retrieving the Orange Keycard from it, Haydee can use it in the Blue Zone itself to access the Escape Ending.

Notable Items Edit

  • Power Node x 1

Keycards Edit

Found: Edit

  • Yellow Keycard x 1 (Used in Blue Zone)
  • Orange Keycard x 1 (Used in Black or Blue Zones)
  • Pink Keycard x 1 (Achievement item; no corresponding reader)

Used: Edit

  • Yellow Keycard x 1 (Found in Blue Zone)
  • Blue Keycard x 2 (Found in Red and Green Zones)

Trivia Edit

  • In the Blue Zone's second Save Station, a hidden room containing a Power Node is found behind dense foliage. The Power Node seems to serve no purpose; the Black Zone, which would be completed at this point, only requires two to retrieve its Red Keycards.

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