The Black Zone is the second to last stage of Haydee, filled with enemies and little-to-no light.

Overview[edit | edit source]

This area is notoriously difficult and set in pitch-blackness for most of Haydee; the Night Visor is needed to successfully navigate it, although the use of Power Nodes can light up specific areas, as well as supply the vital power needed to unlock certain doors, activate buttons or move the central elevator used to access Floors C and D.

Many enemies are encountered in the Black Zone, often ambushing Haydee from around tight corners or places she just cleared; the lack of free movement makes Walkers considerably more deadly than anywhere else in the game, as Haydee will often be caught off guard and take high damage before she can react. Items are considerably rare and almost non-existent if not specifically hunted down, and the common appearance of Slashers, although not entirely threatening in the straight corridors that help make them easy targets, can quickly drain Haydee of resources; unlike the Blue Zone, which are best attempted in one long run, it is extremely helpful to leave the Black Zone temporarily to retrieve more ammo and medkits; although the frequent occurrence of enemies spawning in previously visited areas can catch a careless Haydee off-guard when they retreat.

The deeper parts of the Black Zone can only be accessed once the elevator is called to Floor B and Floor C's second section is entered - this allows Haydee to traverse to the core of the entire complex, where a Red Keycard and Floor G's power socket are found; allowing further access eventually leading to another key.

After retrieving the Orange Keycard, Haydee can use it on Floor B of the Black Zone to access the Control and Deadlock Endings.

Notable Items[edit | edit source]

Keycards[edit | edit source]

Found:[edit | edit source]

  • Red Keycard x 2 (Used in Red Zone)
  • Yellow Keycard x 1 (Used in Black Zone)

Used:[edit | edit source]

  • Yellow Keycard x 1 (Found in Black Zone)
  • Orange Keycard x 1 (Found in Blue Zone)

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • After reaching Floor C's secondary level, Haydee must power Floor A in order to be able to return the elevator back down to it; dropping down to Floor A while it is unpowered will prevent her from reaching Floors B and C if the elevator is at either of them.

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