Before the official release of Haydee, several items and mechanics were designed but ultimately scrapped from the final game.

Player Models Edit

Eva Edit

Eva was the original design for the player's avatar in-game. She wears very similar clothing to the final Haydee model, but has a human face and arms, with no signs of cyber-augmentation. Eva was eventually redesigned due to technical difficulties regarding her outfit, but has since been made available on the Steam Workshop for download.

A nude model of Eva was also created, as part of an unfinished gameplay mechanic - at some stage in the game, Eva would be forced to remove all clothing to proceed through an area; this would force the player to abandon the Armored Vest, making the game more difficult past that point. A small part of this design still survives within the final game - Eva's nude model still appears on the uncensored version of Ammo boxes, Medkits and Keycards.

Items Edit

Shotgun Edit

The Shotgun was a fully implemented, but unobtainable weapon in the Haydee greenlight Demo. It dealt up to 200 damage to the body and fired 8 pellets, using a randomised spread with every shot - as opposed to the perfect accuracy of the other firearms.

Although the item data, model and sounds for the Shotgun were removed from the game, the animations for it are still included, and the attributes for multiple pellets and spread are still completely functional.

Enemies Edit

Ranger Edit

The Ranger was a hostile enemy that used ranged firearms instead of melee combat. It was never completely finished, being absent from all public releases, and used Haydee's model as a placeholder - playtesting revealed the concept of a ranged enemy was not enjoyable to fight against, leading to it being removed early on in development.

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