The Armoured Vest is an equipable item in Haydee used to reduce the damage dealt by enemy attacks. It is found early on in the game during the tutorial in the White Rooms.

Overview Edit

The Armoured Vest reduces damage taken from enemies by 33%. It must be both equipped and stored in Haydee's inventory to be worn.

The 33% damage reduction is a huge boost to Haydee's survivability, giving her an effective 50% higher health in combat and allowing a much higher amount of hits to be taken before death. On Softcore mode, the reduction will stack with Haydee's doubled health, totalling at 300% of the standard unprotected amount on Hardcore mode; allowing as many as 5 hits from Slashers to be taken, or 3 from Walkers. The nature of a damage reduction rather than a health boost also allows Haydee to use a Medkit with the same efficiency as usual, healing herself to full or half health in one use depending on the difficulty.

The Armoured Vest comes at a slight drawback of having to permanently occupy a slot in Haydee's inventory when worn, which can reduce the extent of exploration and gathering that can be done before returning to a crate to store excess items in. However, this drawback is extremely minor compared to the extremely worthwhile benefits of the Vest, giving little reason to ever take it off at any stage in the game.

Location Edit

The Armoured Vest is found extremely early in the game, but cannot be accessed unless acquired before leaving the White Rooms. When first encountered, the Vest is behind a locked gate only accessible using one of the white keycards found in the tutorial later on. It is vital that one white keycard is used to open the gate, as otherwise the Vest will be unobtainable from that point on. Once the gate is unlocked, the Vest may be equipped and a second keycard collected from underneath it, allowing Haydee to continue the tutorial freely.

The room containing the Armoured Vest. The Vest itself can be seen behind the locked gate on the right.

The room containing the Armoured Vest. The Vest itself can be seen behind the locked gate on the right.

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The Armoured Vest as worn by Haydee.


The Armoured Vest as seen in Haydee.

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