Ammo boxes are items that are used to replenish weapon clips to allow them to fire. Each weapon has its own ammunition, and therefore are not cross compatible with each other. Note that in Hardcore mode half as much ammunition will be contained in uncollected boxes compared to Softcore.

Ammo Types Edit

Icon Description Name Use With
Red box with words "Pistol" written on it. Subtitle reads "9mm Ammunition". Contains 10-20 rounds and can store up to 40 in a single stack. The first available box in the tutorial only contains 12. Red Pistol
Black box with words "Magnum" written on it. Subtitle reads "12mm Ammo". Contains 5-10 rounds and can store up to 20 in a single stack. Black Magnum
Blue box with words "6mm Auto" written on it. Subtitle reads "Federal Ammunition". Contains 10-20 rounds and can store up to 60 in a single stack. Blue SMG
Green box with words "Shotgun" written on it. Subtitle reads "12mm Shells". Removed on full release. Green Shotgun

Trivia Edit

  • Each box of ammunition has filler text and some humorous details included in their textures.
    • Pistol Ammo has the labels 'Federal Junkies Incorporated', 'Gun Junkies Federal Series', 'National Rifle Association of America (Incorporated 2156)' and 'Under the Hood (From 2157)'. The instructions 'Do not eat, dring or hope // Kill 'em all. Let God them sort // Kill or Baus' appear as well.
    • Magnum Ammo also has the label 'Under the Hood (From 2157)' in addition to 'ACC Federation'. The instructions 'Kill 'em all. Let God them sort' appear again, as well as the filler text 'Some Bullshit over here. // Typing Typing Typing. // So here I am. // Big as Life, but twice Ugly. // Boobs Boobs Boobs. // You don't see this!'.
    • Submachine Gun ammo is labelled 'Under the Hood (From 2157)' and 'Matriot // Fun Club'. The warning 'Inappropriate for Children, Birds and other Fauna. Another Bullshit text to fill.' can be seen, in addition to the comment 'As I walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death, I take a look at my life and realize not much left. // Cause Black and White and Green // And even Yellow are still a Bullshit Colors for the same Blah-Blah-Blah. // Nobody reads this anyway!'. Strangely, instructions for Haydee herself are present; 'Turn your back to the ledge. // Beware of Boobs, Tits and Breasts etc.'. Also, despite being clearly labelled as '6mm Auto', the text '12mm Automatic' also appears, the same calibre as the Magnum.

Gallery Edit


Top-down view of the Pistol Ammo box in Haydee.


Top-down view of the Magnum Ammo box in Haydee.


Top-down view of the SMG Ammo box in Haydee.

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